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Who are responsible responsible for deteriorating environment ?

we are responsible for deteriorating environment, due to greed and waste so it should be our primary goal to save the globe from environmental hazards and pollution, the impact of massive climate change affects mostly to the developing countries specially the poor people within these countries,
The poor people are not in a position to maintain health status due to inadequate food, clean water fresh air. The quality of air we breathe, the water we drink and the land, on which we live & work, are all deteriorating day by day. In such a situations, it is of utmost importance and necessity to improve public understanding of environmental risk. One of the biggest challenges will be to educate the masses.
Today world is facing the threat of extinction of animal's trees
due to fungus infection, drought ,flash flood caused by global warming resulting loss of food production leading to hunger
in many parts of the world.
Our goal is to save the globe from inhuman trade with forest & with the farmers in the name of development
leading increasing threat to human health resulting decrease agricultural yields particularly in lower income population.
Nuclear disaster, damage affects the global environment very badly and the results of the nuclear waste
finally falls upon the people of developing countries as if people are responsible for the Nuclear experiment
Our government is churning out one hazardous bill after another. This time it is a bill called the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, and it's coming up for a vote in a couple of days. The bill lets U.S. corporations off the hook for any nuclear accidents they cause on Indian soil. They'd only have to pay a meager amount, and Indian taxpayers would be stuck paying corers for the nuclear clean up and to compensate the victims. Without any public debate, the Prime Minister is appeasing American interests and ignoring our safety. Saving greens means nature, saving nature will finally make the people alive
With healthy body and sound mind. So our ultimate goal is to make the globe green with its full innocence and love.
Status of frog in amphibian generation
How are you frogs? we know you await your destiny with trembling apprehension. Stay well; don't get afraid, we are with you.
With the hope of early monsoon young village girls even getting married to frogs for prevention of disease .
There is an old saying in the form of song still we hear now also in Indian rural villages-
Marrying of frogs as if there are Ram and Sita (Hindu God and Goddess)
Let's come rain to make our life full of flowers and paddy
Don't get angry have mercy on us we rely on you, you are our vorun Debota (God of rain)
We will kiss you frogs and will get you married
Stay alive:
The ceremony or the belief in the story of save environment green the Hindu God Shiva who turned himself into a frog following a quarrel with his wife Parvati. She cried for days causing disease to spread throughout local villages. When the villages asked for help she sent them to find Shiva and plead with him to marry a young girl. She herself posed as the girl, and when Shiva agreed to marry her they returned to their original god forms and the outbreak was cured.
Overall about one third the world's 6,100 species of amphibians are threatened with extinction.
Not only Australian aborigines and Native American so many Hindu communities still believe that the frogs were the bringers of rain.
We've all heard the classic fable about the girl who kisses a frog who turns into a prince, but a couple of girls in India are taking it to heart by marrying frogs.
Finally if we assume and see the frog is at the bottom level of ecosystem then tiger must be on the highest level. So to save the tiger or to concentrate on tiger project does not mean the whole amphibians generation will be out of danger.
So it's better to start from the root or from the bottom level means save the amphibian generation.Saving amphibian generation means saving the environment from
environmental hazards.


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